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A Guide to Selling your Property for More

It may seem strange to hear this from an Estate Agent but we don’t just take on properties to simply win a listing. We understand that everyone wants the best possible price for their property, that’s why we base your valuation on realistic data and up to date market conditions, as ultimately we want to sell your property quickly and smoothly, and overvaluations are the arch-enemy of that. 
When it comes to selling your property and wanting to receive the best price possible, it is key that you take into account your local market trends and the current market conditions, as you don’t want to overvalue your property and be stuck on the property market for years to come, leading you to have to drop the price. Although there are plenty of key factors and tips to take into account that can help you sell your property for more without taking those risks! 

What to Keep in Mind

Consider Minor Improvements

Not every home renovation or improvement has to cost you an arm and a leg. When it comes to selling a property even the simplest of tasks such as cleaning up your garden or a lick of white paint can instantly increase the overall appearance of your property and potentially the selling price.

Curbside Appeal

First impressions count, and curbside appeal is one of the most important factors when it comes to preparing your property for selling and increasing its value. If your property does not look appealing from the outside the chances are the requests for internal viewings will not be too high.

Understand your Local Market

When looking to sell your property for more, it is important to take into account the current market conditions of your local area. One important factor to look out for is how long properties in the same area as yours are staying on the market. 

Aim for the Best Offer

The highest price might not always be the best price when looking to sell your property. By looking out for the best offer instead of the highest price, you will help yourself in ways such as the timescales to sell your property and the costs that come along with it.

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