7th June 2021

How Your Property can Provide a Great First Impression

When it comes to selling your property, it is very important that the property looks attractive to buyers. If there is no attraction then they simply won’t be interested. However, we have produced an article which supplies tips on how you can make your property provide a great first impression. 

Good condition

When looking to sell your property, you should ensure that the property has been maintained to a charming standard. This means making sure the likes of paint is touched up, any marks are fixed, checking the flooring and carpets to see if they need upgrading, checking skirting boards and reviewing whether the kitchen or bathroom(s) need refurbishing. All of these factors are bound to take your property's attraction to the next level, as it is apparent to the buyer that you have taken care of the property in the correct way. 

As any buyer will be thoroughly looking at every aspect of the property, making sure everything is up to standard will further benefit your chances of receiving a quick sale. If you are located in Teesside or the surrounding area check out our article, which highlights how you can receive a quick sale, here).

The first impression of the first impression

The very first thing a visitor will see when looking at your property is the exterior. If you have a garden to the front of your property or any area in general, it is important that this area is tidy. If you have weeds growing, unstable paving or if anything is in bad condition, this won’t set a very good first impression. 

Another factor that is very important is the front door. This is the entrance of the property. If the door is old, if the paint is peeling, if it was rusty or again is in bad condition in any way, this could be off-putting for the buyer as it is one of the first things they will see. 

Last but not least, the room/ area that the front door leads to. Whether this is a room, hallway, porch, etc, you need to ensure this room is greatly presentable. In order to do this, you should tidy away any clutter and make sure the area is getting as much light as possible. Natural lighting is a brilliant option but if this is not possible a warm tone lamp will allow the entrance to feel cosy. 

As the exterior, front door and the area you come to after the front door are the very first things buyers will see, they need to be up to standard as even one negative factor could change the buyer's opinion instantly. 

Liven up the property

In order to make your property feel full of life, you could add plants which will also help for decoration. It is known that plants help to boost your mood, creativity, concentration and productivity along with reducing stress and fatigue. This is a great way to ensure your property is providing a great atmosphere throughout the home. 

Another way of livening up your property is to capture as much natural lighting as possible. Although every room typically has lights, they are artificial and won’t give off the same impression natural lighting will. As well as natural lighting providing health benefits, it helps to accentuate the features of your property such as room size. 

Tidy the property

When you are looking to market your property or have visitors who are interested in buying, one of the first things that will spring to mind is tidying. Tidying and decluttering helps to make the area of your property look bigger as well as creating an attractive appeal. 

It is very important to include images that accentuate the best features of your property when it comes to marketing and ensuring your property is tidy is a great way of doing so. This goes for the different rooms of the house and the garden/ outdoor area. 

When tidying remember that it is important to declutter yet don’t depersonalise the property. Adding your personal touch will allow the property to feel homely and add character whereas having no ornaments or accessories may look quite dull and bland. 

Finishing touches - Appeal to the senses

Sight - Displaying images of family, for example, is an amazing way to show that the property is a happy and positive environment and has been looked after by caring people. Accessories add character and elements of fun meaning the property won’t appear as dull.

Sound - Playing music is a great way to give the property more of an atmosphere. Here you can play the music at a quiet level so it is subtle yet enough to hear. Loud music will be overwhelming in this situation. Subtle music will create a sense of relaxation and will take away from any silent moments. 

Smell - When you are expecting visitors, it is important to get rid of any bad odours as this could be majorly off-putting. Whereas if your home has a nice smell then that could either create a sense of cleanliness or make the property feel ‘homely’. This can be done by baking a cake, making coffee, using cleaning tools such as Febreeze or placing diffusers around the property.

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