22nd April 2021

5 Reasons Your Property Isn’t Selling

Are you wondering why your property isn’t getting any enquiries or selling? Selling your property can be a frustrating process when you haven’t chosen the right estate agent or included some key information in your listing. In this article, we will be highlighting 5 reasons your property may not be selling. 

High asking price

Whether you are looking for a quick or long-term sale, it is crucial that you ensure your property’s asking price isn’t over the top. Those looking to purchase property will have a rough idea of what they want to spend, providing they find a property that ticks all the boxes. Your property could be perfect for those buyers, yet your pricing may put them off. Especially if they have found another property with a ‘better’ asking price. 

Similarly, if you were to receive an offer on your property, it could fall through at the last minute. This could be due to the mortgage. If the lender who is valuing the property feels the asking price is too high, they simply will not lend the money. 

In order to ensure you have the correct asking price and are not overpricing or devaluing your property, we offer a free valuation to those in Teesside and the surrounding area. We can provide you solid up to date figures based on market activity in your area while demonstrating what price you should expect a buyer to pay depending on the condition, age and location of the property you want to sell. Click here for your free valuation!

Key features have been left off the listing

If you list your property and it doesn’t clearly display the key features, then those viewing your property won’t be as engaged. When listing key features, the viewer will be able to understand straight away the incredible features your property has to offer, instantly making them more intrigued. 

In order to do this, you need to list which features of your property are eye-catching. This could be the likes of en-suits, number of bedrooms, storage space, garden size and parking facilities.

You have chosen the wrong estate agent

It is crucial that you choose the right estate agent when it comes to all aspects of selling your property. It is important that your estate agent keeps in regular contact with those looking to purchase your property. Due to the fact prospective buyers are actively looking at property listings and are eager to pounce on a property that appeals to them, an agent that is keen to get back in touch will help them find out more information about your property, fast. This could lead to selling your property! 

In order to make sure you are choosing the right estate agent, you could ask them a series of questions such as: 

  • How quickly do you deal with enquiries?
  • How do you typically respond (Email, phone call, etc)
  • What would happen if the agent dealing with the property wasn’t in when you received an enquiry?

You are marketing in the wrong ways

When it comes to marketing your property, you need its description to be enticing. Although photos are worth 1000 words, your description will help to boost the appeal of the property.  It is extremely important that the estate agent you list your property with produces a description for your property that creates desire and interest. 

It is also extremely important that your property description is including those vital keywords needed in order for your property to be seen by specific search terms. Search engines and property portals can’t categorise your property unless it is clearly defined in your listing.

In order to ensure your estate agent will provide a quality description for your property, you could look at their current listings and examine exactly what they have produced. If they have made the content compelling and you are happy with their past work, then you are one step closer to choosing the right agent for you. 

At Horizon we make sure that your property is especially appealing to those looking at purchasing a property. With years of experience, we know our market extremely well and pride ourselves on fast sales! If you are interested in selling your property in Teesside or the surrounding area, contact us today!

Your photographs

With it being said that a picture is worth 1000 words, they are a key part of listing your property. Photos have the ability to showcase your property, giving those who are interested a great idea of what it looks like. If your property has no images then buyers will most likely look elsewhere to properties that do, so they have an understanding of how it looks. After all, they are not going to enquire about a property they are unsure of. 

Selling your property is competitive as there is a great deal to choose from, yet adding those images could really help to increase interest. With 95% of buyers looking online for property, to ensure you capture interest, adding images will seriously benefit your marketing. Equally, it is important that those images that are displayed to showcase your property are of good quality. Poor quality images aren’t as effective as high-quality images, due to the fact that you are not getting a clear understanding of how the property looks. 

How Can Horizon Sales & Lettings Help? 

Horizon Sales & Lettings is an estate agency specialising in Teesside and the surrounding area. Being local to the area ensures we know our market extremely well. With strong experience with buy to let properties: selling, buying and lettings management, our friendly team would be more than happy to help you sell your property. Contact us today or if you are looking to get a quick valuation upon your Teesside property, you can use our handy tool here.

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